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 1.    SIMPLE       :   Redesigned on top of Android for ease of use for novice and seasoned Android      users alike.
   2.    POWERFUL: A host of powerful features and workflows to empower the HIVE user

   3.    Customizable: Custom designed themes, wallpapers, color packs, icon packs, fonts. Mix and      match to suit your creative expression.

Constantly evolving platform co-created with the HIVE community of users and developers.

Designed from ground up with the ease of use, customisation on the surface and power at its core.

How do we really interact with people around us?
This question was what prompted us to examine the way we design our Contacts. We realised that in real life, a contact comprises of a snapshot of multiple interactions. And often enough, we resume conversations from where we left off earlier. This made us re-look at the way we laid out the Contacts, like a ready reckoner of sorts.
The Contacts has been designed to be your single point of reference, for all communication threads relating to every contact – whether it is calls or messages; so that you can easily follow, start or resume conversations without having to dig it out from elsewhere. Similarly, Facebook sync fetches the latest Facebook display picture of your contact in high resolution, as and when they change it, so that you could save it against their number in your Contacts.

every contact is much more than just a number
The Contacts looks neat and elegant with a stylish, contemporary layout that makes following every bit of information convenient. From circular frames for display pictures to the colour scheme and fonts used, we have looked at every minute detail to make the design edgy and consistent.

What if the lock screen, once unlocked, automatically welcomed you to the phone’s myriad experiences? That question led us to explore what it would really look like, if we actually unveiled the phone like the blinds of a curtain.

The result is a lock screen that cascades down allowing you one touch access to call logs, the message counter and the camera function – all your important needs bundled together, making it at once convenient and manageable. Also get prompt calls and message updates right under the cascade, where you can notice them in a blink.
                                                                We did not stop there.

In fact, we went a step ahead in creating the all new Chameleon Widget – that makes all additions to your home screen look seamless and delightful. The Chameleon Widget provides quick information on weather and calendar, apart from notifications regarding missed calls, SMS and email. Each time you change the wallpaper, the Chameleon Widget effortlessly picks the most prominent colour from the background and blends itself with it, thereby making it easy on your eyes.


Dark Art of Photography

We all love to capture memories as photographs, share them with friends and family. What we don’t like is getting lost in the labyrinth of controls, knobs and buttons. Hive camera app was built with the necessity of providing deceptively simple, intuitive interface for the novice photographer and the power of custom settings for the knob twiddling professional photographers.

Modes and Filters

The camera app is power packed with various capture modes to suit all your photography needs. There’s Auto Mode for the straight shooters, HDR, Panorama, Fireworks, Gesture, Smile and Night Mode for the experimentalists (hey, that’s all of us!).

It gets better, the camera app has a plethora of live filters that you can add to your captures while you are capturing, and quick access to switching between modes and filters.

Pro Controls for Everyone

ISO, Exposure, White Balance, Focus Modes are for the advanced users alone? Perhaps not. The camera app makes it simpler for you to experiment and fine tune the settings for that perfect shot to get it ‘just right’ with the Pro Mode controls to bring out the next professional photographer in you.
Go ahead and switch to Pro Mode, you’ll love what you capture.

Advanced Image Editor

There’s always something you can add to your photos to make them better or add a little magic, Advanced Image Editor allows you to edit, retouch, add a vast variety of effects/filters. We made it even better by allowing you to control the intensity of the effects/filters via intuitive controls.

Capture Modes

Various capture modes to suit almost every need.

Live Filters

Live filters to add a touch of magic to your memories.

Photo Editor

Edit and apply effects, filters to your photos.


Integrated Media Experience

A thorough study of the ways in which people consume audio and video, led us to some very interesting conclusions. The biggest realisation was that all the audio/video needs, encompassing the music player, video tracks and radio, could be integrated into one centralised core.

This gave birth to the Media Centre – a one stop shop for all your media needs.To provide a distilled music experience, we went forth and integrated it with that pushes instant recommendations. last. fm brings in a unique way of artist based recommendations and as a result, the Media Center intelligently recommends you the next track on the basis of whichever musical score you are listening to. Simply tap on the artists tab to get into artist based recommendations.

The Media Centre is also tightly integrated with YouTube, wherein you can access trending songs by your favourite artists via a single click. This entire experience coupled with Dolby DTS provides great surround sound experience, along with an equalizer that comes with a lot of pre-sets.

The Media Centre provides automatic album cover updates to make the experience of listening to, and searching for music, visually appealing. Its meta-data editing facility keeps your collection details well sorted. The player initialises automatic background searches for missing album art and fetches matching images to ensure your music collection is always updated.


Watch video here FOR BOTH OMEGA 
XOLO PLAY 8X-1000i



We’ve got the phenomenal HIVE atlas for you that is tailor-made with a beautiful UI and design. Built on the latest version of Android™ Lollipop, it comes with incredible, easy to use features.

Comet Browser

Experience desktop like browsing on BLACK with all new Comet browser. While it has the efficiency of a desktop browser, it goes light on your data. With Comet, BLACK uses much less data as compared to any other browser. It comes with a unique Turbo mode which lets you enjoy seamless browsing even on a weak network connection.


Put an end to your frets of others seeing your personal data with Underground, where you can keep the apps of your choice that can be accessed only by you as it is secured with a PIN. Underground further unlocks a whole new way of accessing information from various apps in the form of Underground Snippets.

Reading mode

Now enjoy reading with HIVE atlas as it comes with a Reading Mode which turns the display Black & White that enables easy reading and puts less stress on the eyes.


Choose a theme to express yourself or keep changing them, to break the mundane, from a wide array of creative and quirky themes that have amazing lock-screens, launcher icons and color packs.

Hive atlas currently available on:

Xolo black


All older hive devices will be soon migrated to hive atlas .

About hive :
Hive is a custom ui by xolo which brings out a brand new experience on android ..
Hive ui team is working under xolo and there r roughly 7-10 hive developers who are working on it..

So waiting for what?
Join the  ever growing community and discuss your ideas
Connect ,create ,collaborate !!

click here and join hive forums and become a part of revolution…

SOURCE: xolo official page

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